Massive developments in the field of digital currency in different parts of the world

Massive progress has been taking place in the field of cryptocurrency. Bitpanda which is currently one of the reputed exchanges in Europe has made big plans and is adding two new coins. These coins are Komodo and Iota. This announcement was made once BitPanda 2.0 was launched.

The team has also promised the fact that new listings will be available on a regular basis. At the moment these two digital currencies will be offered through the trade only buy and sell option. Both the digital currencies are supposed to be added in June 2018.

Bitpanda has also committed to the fact that the variety of the new digital currencies is going to be increased in the near future. Bitpanda mentioned that Iota has been introduced due to the growing demand of the Bitpanda community.

Currently, the Iota foundation and Bitpanda are working in collaboration so that they can introduce the digital currency wallet. This wallet will support the send and withdrawal functions.

Japan is also quite active in the field of digital currency at the moment. Couger is a Japan based startup. It is working on a project to create the Virtual Human Agent. The company is also making use of the blockchain technology for materializing this project.

Couger feels that linking two technologies holds a lot of significance particular the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Well, Couger has also decided that it will store the learning records on the blockchain.

Microsoft has also got a lot of plans which can possibility contribute to the development of digital currency. What Microsoft has planned is that is to come up with an underwater data centre. This project is known as Project Natick.

This project is powered by tidal, solar and wind installations. The data centre is created using 864 servers and all these servers are placed in a container. The electricity is supplied to this data centre using an undersea cable.

Microsoft has decided that it will operate Natick for a period of 12 months. The infrastructure of this data centre is such that it will surely require less electricity and maintenance. The servers will initially go through a number of tests so that the power consumption can be evaluated.

What needs to be mentioned here is that the idea of an underwater data centre can be quite useful for digital currency miners and it does offer value to the miners. All these developments show that digital currency is bound to achieve more success in the near future.