Digital Currency Community Criticizes the Google Ban on Crypto Currency Ads

Just recently, Google announced that it would ban the digital currency ads on its respective platform. It followed in the footsteps of Facebook that had announced the ban on digital currency ads earlier.

However, the digital currency enthusiasts are not happy with this update, and this ban did receive criticism. Ed Cooper from Revolution stated that this ban had even brought the legitimate digital currency companies under fire. Cooper is of the opinion that due to this ban even the legitimate companies will not be able to advertise their services in Google.

Cooper felt that Google should have adopted a more targeted approach and only banned scam digital currency ads that use search engine platforms as an entry point. Blackmore Group Chief Executive officer is also not happy with this ban on the digital currency ads.

The Chief Executive Officer stated that it is understandable that Google needs to regulate what the users are reading but this ban still spells bad news for genuine digital currency companies. The Chief Executive is of the opinion that there is a possibility that perhaps the platforms want to introduce its digital currency shortly and this could be the reason that they are not entertaining digital currency advertisements.

However, what seems evident is that Google has no plans to introduce its digital currency shortly. What the digital currency community feels is that Google has a lot of commercial power. This is why the ban on the digital currency ads will act as a hurdle for the digital currency companies.

It will obviously become an issue for these companies to market their services. This can hamper the growth of the digital currency in the long-run. If the entire situation is evaluated from Google’s point of view, then they are not wrong in their decision either.

At the moment the digital currency field is still in the process of evolution. Therefore it can become difficult to identify the scammers and the genuine digital currency companies. If scam digital currency ads are displayed on Google, then this can pose a potential risk to the users.

Those users who are new to the field of digital currency trading are more at risk. It seems that Google has taken this step to secure the future of its users. It can be hoped that as the success of digital currency continues; then there is a possibility that Google may think over the ban.