Apple App store redefines digital currency rules

The Apple App store is quite popular among the users. The app store offers about 783,000 gaming apps to the users. Apart from this the app store has about 2.3 million non-gaming apps as well.

Just recently App store made some amendments to the guidelines related to digital currency apps. The guidelines stated that the exchange apps can facilitate the digital currency transmission on approved exchange only and this transmission facility needs to be offered by the exchange.

The mining applications that require an iPhone’s chipset cannot be used for mining. The new rules also state that applications that require currency for completing tasks cannot be used. These tasks may include downloading the applications and posting on other social media networks as well.

Apple Play Store has defined strict rules for applications offering ICO’s as well. The rules state that all the applications that offer ICO’s have to come from approved financial institutions. These rules apply to trading platforms and wallets as well.

What the users need to remember is that Apple’s rules are stricter in comparison to Google Play. This is the reason that these rules need to be followed by all means for sure.

If we look at the past records of Apple App store, then 4 years back all the digital currency related applications were removed. Two years back the Apple App store asked the users to remove all the digital assets like dash from the Apple App Store.

Now, there is a possibility that these rules may affect the applications that currently exist on Apple Play store and the applications that plan to be published on Apple Play Store in the near future. These new rules might sound very frustrating for the digital currency community.

The better approach should be that Apple Play Store should give the reasoning to the users regarding why they have imposed the guidelines. This way the users will be able to understand the situation in a much better way.

Eventually all these rules are meant for the security of the users. There is a possibility that Apple Play Store might bring about some relaxation in these rules provided there is more transparency in the digital currency system.

Ideally, what the user should do is that they should go through the guidelines in detail before opting for any digital currency app. This way the user will not have to deal with any disappointment.